О нас
Более 20 лет специалисты компании «Артефакт» помогают Вашему бизнесу двигаться вперед, занимая лидирующие позиции в комплексе строительных услуг.

Опыт и знания компании, компетентность молодых инженеров и строителей позволяют справиться даже
с труднейшими проектами, исполняя их с высоким качеством и точно в срок.
150 объектов
Выполнено более
единиц техники
Более 100

2 000 000 м²

жилой и коммерческой
площади уже построено
Developer №1
in the Saratov region

We build
the Future

About us
More than 20 years the specialists of Artefact Company
help Your business move forward taking leading positions
in the complex of construction services.

Experience and knowledge of the company, competence of young engineers
and builders let manage even with the most difficult projects
completing them with the high quality and right on time.
150 objects
More than
of construction equipment
Own fleet
2 000 000 m²

of residential and non-residential
floor area has been already built
are executed
An Architect
Zaha Hadid
«Architecture is like writing.You have to edit it over and over so it looks effortless »

of residential
and non-residential
and praparation
of the
construction site
In construction
From 2010 we have gone a long way of development,
increased our competencies and expanded
the offered assortment in all narrow-profile areas:
Services of the company
for arrangement
of the buildings
One of the key specialization of Artefakt Company is monolithic construction.

The basic material of a monolithic construction isconcrete with steel reinforcement.
It is formed with metal casing. Walls are constructed straight on the contraction site.

For now, monolithic construction is high demanded and promising development direction of building construction including high-rise.
Monolithic construction
In comparison with
brick walls monolithic
wall is thinner and lighter by 15-20%
Less structural
Indoor rooms are larger
by 5-10% in comparison
with the use of other
construction techniques.
Useful area
With strict adherence
of technology, in a month
you can construct
2 storeys
Building construction speed
The service life
of monolithic buildings
is more than 120 years
Buildings durability
Such buildings are safe even in conditions of seismic activity
The step size of the
structures does not matter, so there is possibility of constructing any form
and configuration
of a building
Shapes variety
of a building
Because of the lack of seams in the walls, outside cold air won’t bother
Making any adjustments
during the rooms planning
without strength loss
of the structure
During the years of successful work within the territory of Saratov and some other regions of Russia more than 150 projects with complex construction works were realized.

We have picked out several key groups of construction projects, for which their own
cooperation scheme has been developed, taking into account the characteristic features of each of the groups.
Company projects
and cafes

Business centers
Shoping complexes

Residential buildings
Residential buildings
Shopping centres
Business centres
Administation buildings
Religious objects

Restaurants and cafes

Leading positions of the Artefakt Company in the market wouldn’t be possible
without a competent approach to work and the competence of employees.

The basis of our approach to working with clients is long-term cooperation
and improvement of economic performance of customer’s project.
We treat your business with respect and attention to detail.
Why do clients choose us?
Are you ready
to discuss
a project?
ul. Moskovskaya, 113-117
Mosсow Hw"y, 18 km, b. 25 «В»,
TRC «Moskovskii», 4 floor